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Fastest Growing Companies in India 2022

Introduction – Fastest Growing Companies in India

Who wouldn’t want to be the next Warren Buffett? Everyone aspires to have the same level of stock market success as a well-known investor, but success takes time. Some, however, assert that you may become “wealthy” overnight by investing in the stock market. Investors might try to make money by buying or selling shares of various companies on the stock market. How, though, can one be sure which stock will be profitable?

In any case, one needs to learn how to compile data, such as the technical details of a company’s goods or services, quarterly reports, and so forth. You can understand the fastest-growing companies in the market with the help of this column. However, doing such a study calls for in-depth knowledge and ongoing work to comprehend market patterns. This blog is an in-depth resource to help you become familiar with the fastest-growing companies in India in 2022.

List of Fastest Growing Companies in India in 2022

Most of the famous companies in the stock market are already too expensive for you to invest in them. As a result, you should evaluate the companies according to their growth over a period of time. So let’s quickly review the list of the 7 fastest-growing companies in India that have outperformed in India in 2022. 

S. No. CompaniesStock SymbolPrice of the Stock
1Reliance Industries Ltd.RELIANCE₹2370.70
2GAIL India LimitedGAIL₹85.10
3Adani GreensADANIGREEN₹2033.15
4IPCA LabsIPCALAB₹889.45
5Mahindra & MahindraM&M₹1230.30
6Zen Tech. LtdZENTEC₹197.05
7Hindustan UnileverHUL₹2575.80

Reliance Industries Ltd. 

Undoubtedly one of the best multi-bagger companies is Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). The largest oil refining facility in the world is owned by RIL, which makes significant profits from the gas and oil industries. Reliance Industries operates in a number of industries, including energy, petrochemicals, mass media, and telecommunications. Being at the top of the list of the fastest growing companies is because of its versatility. It reported a Y-o-Y growth of 46.3% in quarter 1 of the financial year 2023 which stood at ₹17,955 crores and parallelly its revenues have increased 54.54% Y-o-Y basis in the Q1. 

Mkt Cap (Rs. Cr.):Dividend Yield:P/E RatioP/B Ratio

Gail India Ltd.

Following on the list is Gail India. It is one of the industrial sector’s most undervalued stock companies. Gas and fuel production is GAIL’s area of expertise. Gail India is anticipated to generate significant profits in the upcoming years as a result of the government’s initiative to enhance energy transition fuel. This makes the basis of its growth much more robust in the coming years. Thus, reading its pattern and investing in this company can be a wiser decision for the investors like you. It showed 39% Q-o-Q basis growth in the Q1 of FY 2023 and had 116% growth Y-o-Y from revenue from its operations in the same quarter. 

Mkt Cap (Rs. Cr.):Dividend Yield:P/E RatioP/B Ratio

Adani Greens

The well-known Ahmedabad enterprise Adani Green Energy Limited creates renewable energy sources. The business is owned by the Adani Group. The area of power generation and distribution include Adani Green Energy. India is going toward renewable energy, which will make it one of the companies in India with the strongest and fastest growth in 2022. The company’s stock has increased by a significant 82.54% in a year and was expected to increase by 67% in 2022. A total of 0.38 lakh shares of the company were traded, resulting in a BSE turnover of Rs 8.38 crore.

Mkt Cap (Rs. Cr.):Dividend Yield:P/E RatioP/B Ratio


IPCA Laboratories is a manufacturer of drugs and pharmaceuticals. It encompasses a variety of pharmaceutical items, including anti-diabetic segments and therapeutic medications. This business has a global presence and distributes its goods in more than 100 nations, which has improved its annual total profit and elevated it to the list of the Fastest Growing Companies in India in 2022. It has become one of the leading exporters of APIs in the world, with four of its main branded products being included among the top 300 brands in India. The business is among the largest producers of APIs worldwide.

Mkt Cap (Rs. Cr.):Dividend Yield:P/E RatioP/B Ratio

Mahindra & Mahindra

Mahindra & Mahindra holds a good portion of the automotive business and is one of India’s oldest multi-bagger stock companies. After this, the company has left no room to be on the hit list of the fastest-growing companies in the year 2022. The business specializes in producing tractors and automobiles to use majorly in agriculture. The stakeholders have continually benefited from value creation by the Mahindra Group. The Group’s overall market capitalization has grown 108 times over the past 21 years and 23 times over the past 11 years. 

Mkt Cap (Rs. Cr.):Dividend Yield:P/E RatioP/B Ratio

Zen Tech. Ltd.

One of the leading drone manufacturers is Zen Technologies Limited, a developing business in the IT industry. They also manufacture aptitude testing devices, grenade simulators, small arms training simulators, and other military weapons. The Indian Government has authorized the corporation with a 120-crore production plan. Additionally, despite the company’s outstanding recent performance, its share price has remained low. Therefore, while the prices are still favorable, one could purchase this inexpensive stock and the growth of the company seems steady and can help you reap the benefits from it. 

Mkt Cap (Rs. Cr.):Dividend Yield:P/E RatioP/B Ratio

Hindustan Unilever

One of the biggest businesses selling FMCG goods is Hindustan Unilever (HUL). This corporation is a market leader in the production of household goods, cosmetics, food, and beverages. Brands like Lifebuoy, Fair & Lovely, Sunsilk, Pepsodent, etc. The company has everything it can and holds the largest share of the market in the FMCG sector. Additionally, the stock has shown 19% growth on a Y-o-Y basis in the Q1 results of FY23. When it comes to investing in this growing company’s stock, it is said to hold it for a long period of time to leverage the profits. 

Mkt Cap (Rs. Cr.):Dividend Yield:P/E RatioP/B Ratio


Even if these will be the stocks in India that are growing the fastest in 2022, no one can accurately forecast the stock market. It is important to monitor the financial market’s fluctuations. Investors who lack appropriate knowledge about the stock market must wait to start investing. It’s also crucial to maintain patience, especially when the market declines. Which companies, in your opinion, have recently seen “growth spurts”? 

To read more about the related topics, you can browse our blogs section and have a good time reading them.

Happy Investing, even if it is the beginning!

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