Import and Export

India has so many unique products  and services which have a big scope of sales in foreign markets. How to do that ? Kundkund trading and consultancy Pvt. Ltd. provide your proper guidance and support for start point to end point.

India is a country where there are 36 types of official language used for conversation and different types of people live in different weather conditions. Civilization of India is so rich that every product of Bharat is having great scope of revenue if sold all across the world. People want to sell their products from local level to regional level to state level to country level to global level. But they do not have the proper guidance about how they would be able to export or import the goods to other countries.

Kundkund trading and consultancy Pvt. Ltd. had a rich experience of 25+ years expert peoples who make smooth flow of goods across the globe. We provide first mile to last mile services. 

Import Business

India is importing many things from foreign places. Some of it may be Bitmin, scrap, PVC, Paper scrap, Machines, Tools and Plants etc. These items are either resold in India for further processing. A new product from these raw materials is sold in the local market. Kundkund trading and consultancy Pvt. Ltd. had good relations with almost all of the countries which are exporting the materials to India.  Single window solutions are available at Kundkund trading and consultancy Pvt. Ltd. to help our clients for stress free business.

Export Business

India exports many products as well as services. Some of it is IT software,  Rice, Pulses, cloths, PVC finish Product, machinery, tools and plants, Mangoes, Vehicles, Fruits and vegetables etc. Export is a good source of earning dollars. Also, ROI on exports is very high. Kundkund trading and consultancy Pvt. Ltd. helps its clients in providing single window solutions at a very nominal price.


Logistics is a factor for calculating the cost of the product. In India, logistics costs vary in a volatile manner. For a new entrant person in Import Export Business, sometimes it becomes a task. Also, availability of transportation at the right time matters in some cases. Kundkund trading and consultancy Pvt. Ltd. provides a stable solution for its  price variation. 


Forwarding is a big headache for new entrants in Import and Export Business. Kundkund trading and consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is providing the best forwarding services to its clients.  Selection of a forwarding agency is very important as your delivery on time will depend on this. Wrong selection of the same leads to the total loss of the materials.

Custom Clearance

Custom clearance is a big deal for entry or exit of products from ports. Proper coordination with custom officers helps clients to get it cleared fast.  We at Kundkund trading and consultancy Pvt. Ltd. are having a good client base who are taking our  services of custom clearance. Making and release of LC is made smooth at our offices.