Virtual CFO Service

Virtual CFO or the vCFO is the virtual chief financial officer who provides outsourced services. They provide assistance in the financial requirements for an organization. The chief financial officer provides the services on a large scale, on the other hand, the Virtual CFO provides it to a single person or the entity or particular business. 

It is equal to hiring a financial director in the company at much cheaper and effective prices. They are beneficial for the small organizations which have lesser financial resources to hire a full-time CFO but want to access the same services and the benefits from experienced financial professionals. They hold the complete in charge of the financial department. 

They hold different financial related duties that lag behind in many organizations which include budgeting, identifying market trends, obtaining money, and preparing financial forecasts. Usually, the virtual CFOs are hired by smaller start-ups, so they can handle the other fundamental points like bookkeeping and reconciliation.  


Points to be Noted before choosing the Best Virtual CFO Services 

  1. Understanding Team 

Whenever you are looking for a virtual CFO, always keep in mind the team. Look for how user-friendly services they provide. There will be constant interaction when you hire a vCFO and for that smooth conversation is required.

If the interactions aren’t friendly or the service provider is arrogant then this can take some negative turns. always remember the finances will be handled by the CFO so choose one with good customer care execution and services.

To get the most services and advantages of the CFO you need to be more open and interactive to the services provided by them. Communication is the key here to making informed and applicable decisions. 

So to get the most of the advantages and valuable suggestions and feedback always look for the CFO who is polite and ready to help and friendly to their customers. 

  1. Reliability

Another important factor to look for is the reliability of the company for the virtual CFO. you need to make sure about the trust factor for a virtual CFO. talking about the business point of view you cannot deal with the books falling behind taxes not being filed, or errors going through on your payroll.

These are the situations that you have to go through if you hire someone who isn’t reliable and in short, he/she will run a risk on your financial records. 

The records maintained can be inaccurate and maybe the reports can be late too. These can put a major impact on your business and can result in downfall such as penalties with the IRS. Also, another major impact can be on business events such as mergers or acquisitions.

To get relieved from these factors try to invest in the companies that provide Virtual CFO services rather than freelancing firms. Companies tend to be more reliable than the freelancing option. 

  1. Experienced

No matter whether you are having a small business or a well-established firm when hiring a CFO you need to look for the experience they have with the finances. The experienced CFO will not only be responsible for your finances but will also give you advice for financial business growth. 

To have a fulfilling experience look for how long the company has been serving plus what the client reviews. The longer the work period is and the positive reviews are more, reliable will be the company, the reviews should be genuine. 

The firms which have experience will have the complete list of their clients with whom they are currently working. Always be open with your Virtual CFO and ask for doubts if you have any related to the services and experience. 

  1. Certified and up to Date

This is another important factor to keep in mind the certifications of the company should be up to date. Every firm needs to be certified similarly the virtual CFO you choose to invest with should have the updated certifications. They should have a valid degree in accountancy. 

They should be an active member of accounting organizations. This implies that the person has undergone the required training and is up to date in the field of finances.  

Services that CFO Deals in 

Talking about the services the chief financial officer provide different services such as:

  • Management reporting and dashboard reporting

Management reporting is an overview of how the business is performing in the finance perspective. The company along with the tools in place which includes the dashboard too. The dashboard is the visual representation of the key performance of the business which is regulated by the owner. 

  • Cashflow modelling, reporting and management

This is another factor that is critical for business success. Virtual CFO keeps the accountability, updates and implementation of cash flow forecasting and modelling, and works hand-in-hand with business owners. This creates strategies to manage cash flow and assist in business growth.  

  • Budget and forecasting preparation, analysis and tracking

The Virtual chief financial officer will help in reviewing and analyzing the business before any financial results and come with a strategic plan for the same, to ensure the budget drives towards the business future and results in growth.     

  • Finance process reviews

 They review the finance processes and policies and help in implementing them and improving the business to operate effectively and efficiently.   


Why is kundkundTC is the best chief financial officer service provider?

kundkundTC is hands down one of the best Virtual CFO services providers in pan India. The company provides their services in all the major finance sectors. The company has the best output when it comes to their company analysis and execution. The company looks forward to providing the most reliable services in the market. 


Services we deal in as the best Chief Financial Service Provider 

Here is the list of the services we deal in as the chief financial service provider. Here is the complete list covering up all the services we deal in with complete details about how it works. 

Virtual CFO Services

The virtual CFO Services include the management consultation and the reporting of the critical decision making. It also includes the cash flow management for a company, management budgeting and mentoring the team for the growth and productivity of the company. 

Management Reports

This plan is for the one who looks for some particular advice rather than a complete one. Here you can ask us for advice on any critical point/plan/decision, strategy, compliance issue or discuss your query. We will provide you with the possible and best logic and supporting rules and regulations.

Analytical Reports

In this segment of the service the client can ask us for the analytical reporting on your KPI and on any other factors like GST / TDS / Tax Analysis. Also we provide our clients with the complete Financial Analysis, Costing and Productivity Analysis and many more. 


Why Choose kundkundTC as a top Chief financial Officer service provider

Here are some of the major reasons why you can choose KundkundTC as a virtual CFO  



We are flexible in terms of work time and cost. We work according to our clients needs, what they expect us to deliver and the segment they want to deliver our performance in. We are flexible with the client’s time and work accordingly for them. 



We offer you technology integration. Our team uses cutting edge technology like artificial intelligence, data analytics and big data to enhance the way in which compliances are maintained. Using this the accounting compliance can be easily maintained. You will be provided with the timely updates on the compliances.


Budgetary Control

KundkundTC provides the best virtual CFO services in the budget. Talking about the charges we charge more or less 20% of what you end up paying to the CFO’s. We provide services keeping in mind the budget of the client and offer packages in a similar way. 


Certified platform

We are a trusted, reliable and certified platform. Our required certification are up to date. The services we provide are top notch and hence we believe in delivery the satisfactory performance. 


Customer care support 

KundkundTC is a diverse financial service provider which offers different products to their clients. The customer care services are on point, our service executives are always there to solve the queries of our clients in the business hours. We provide you with the complete analytics and reports for your organization.