Stock Market Training in India

In order to be successful and earn profits in Stock Market,  it’s really essential to have a real genuine knowledge of the field. It’s no surprise, that the stock market world draws the attention of millions since it is an excellent way to make money just sitting at home.

best stock maarket training in india

However, it is very important to be trained beforehand. As, stock and trade market is not easy, to begin with. But with essential knowledge and deep understanding, one can find success here.

Therefore, we at Kundkund TC Pvt. Ltd. offer the best stock market training In India.  The training at Kundkund TC Pvt. Ltd. is a perfectly outlined stock market basics course. This includes a strong insight bank on various tools and techniques needed to understand the functioning of the stock market. Not to mention, it also covers financial jargon like Equities, Derivatives, IPOs, Technical Analysis of the stock market, Macroeconomics and Financial Planning. Thus, the best stock market trading course will help you understand the stock market better and will allow you to pick the right company and technique to invest in.

Kundkund TC Pvt. Ltd. understand the ins and outs of the stock market industry and we know that a lot of people make mistakes while investing their money. When it comes to the stock market, it’s a business which has both profits and loss. Plus, with you being with less knowledge, the chances of suffering loss even becomes much higher. So, if you’re not well trained, it will become harder for you to predict the market on statistics. Resulting in a big loss and little profit.


Now, as mentioned earlier there are various things to consider before you deep dive into the industry. For instance, various trading platforms provide traders free space and opportunities. And that too on their own convenience. However, one must consider the risk involved before generating success in the stock market.

Therefore, we highly recommend first learning the basics and then playing your hand. In addition, if you wish for success then, you must upgrade your skills and look for the best Best stock trading course in India. And, a lot goes into choosing the best stock market course in India, since there are many available free at cost. But free knowledge won’t get you so far.

As a result, Kundkund TC Pvt. Ltd. is the match you’re expecting, when it comes to the best stock market training In India. Kundkund TC Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top leading providers of stock market training in India that suits your needs. Since the stock market never really discriminates against people based on their geographical location, and so do we. Hence, the training is online, so it’s available to you at your doorstep without any fuss. So, anybody who is keen on entering the world of the Stock Market, then you can easily enrol with us, here.

Benefits of Best Stock Market Training in India by Kundkund TC pvt ltd

For outstanding results, it’s crucial to join the best Stock Market Training. For any serious person, Kundkund TC Pvt. Ltd is the key to earn a good return without facing any risk in the stock market arena. Here are the key aspects of the training that you’ll learn:

  • First and foremost starting with flawless techniques to earn more profit in the stock market.
  • Next, in-depth technical knowledge of Trends & Patterns to recognise stock price changes.
  • This will allow the student to become a good trader with full industry knowledge regarding short term, mid-term Trading and Long term Investments.
  • Understand many tactics to utilise to reduce risk and gain more profit in the stock market.
  • Learn and accomplish handling adverse situations without facing any loss.
  • Discover and work the trade from anywhere and everywhere.
  • Moreover, build confidence in every domain of the Stock Market.
  • In addition, acquire the skill and grow in every sector of investment.
  • Possess the art of Money Management and Risk Management.
  • Last but not least, grasp the right techniques and methodologies of risk handling.



How Stock Market Trading Course by Kundkund TC Pvt Ltd is helpful ?

  • Automatic Trading

Trading is now having many tools which includes the automatic and semi automatic trading.  Candidates who are trained at Kundkund TC Pvt. Ltd. able to learn that how to trade automatically or semi automatic mode  for stocks?  The power trade features is added  advantage now a days. Option chain and option writing on various platform to earn big is the unique features of training at Kundkund TC Pvt. Ltd..  We at Kundkund TC Pvt. Ltd. are thankful for all candidates who had shown their keen interest in their training program and still interested in new modules.

  • Cash and Derivative Training

It is always advisable to start trading with cash segment i.e. either in delivery and/or intraday for the initiator. However, if statics of the data seen on BSE and NSE for the highest trade segment on these most popular exchange, it has been found that 91% of the trade in these segments are  derivative segment i.e. the future and currency segment. Option writing and Option chain is the most popular segment for earning high through Trade. Kundkund TC Pvt. Ltd. focus on the effective use of strategies for option trade.

  • Currency & Commodity Trading

The most successful traders in stock market generally have 60:40 ratio segment trade. This means that traders doing 60% trading in cash/derivative market and 40% trading in currency/commodity market. This combination help trader to get maximum earning.  Expert trainer at Kundkund TC Pvt. Ltd. teach the right time of entry and exit from currency and commodity segment. Hedging technique will protect the fund loss from cash/derivative segments.

  • Option Writing

Smart Traders earn their most of money through option trading. There are many tools to earn through option trading due to its nature of limited risk and unlimited reward. In module of the option trading,  experts at Kundkund TC Pvt. Ltd. teaches the popular strategies in option writing and option chain. In addition to this, some new and unique option trade strategy explained during this training module. Traders earn up to 200% of their investment.

  • One Click Trade

There were time when people trades on papers. At later stage due to development of the IT infrastructure, the trading system replaced the paper trading into electronic form.  But this time had gone also. The time had come to trade on a single click. Effective utilization of the one click trade explained during the training session at Kundkund TC Pvt. Ltd.. At present, there are so many broking firm which provide this facility but there are only very few brokers which provide the correct platform. Therefore, selection of brokers is for the same is equally important.

  • Fundamentals

Traders are advised to trade based on the fundamental studies of the stocks. When trade is made just at the basis of the news and rumors on arround us like TV and Internet, loss is 200% assured for the traders because the news are floated in such a manner on media to earn profit by few person at the loss of many traders. Kundkund TC Pvt. Ltd. helps to give proper and details study of fundamentals for the candidates who joined the training program.

  • Technicals

Traders are advised to trade based on the technical studies of the stocks through 143 types of technical indicators. When trade is made just at the basis of the news and rumors on around us like TV and Internet, loss is 200% assured for the traders because the news are floated in such a manner on media to earn profit by few person at the loss of many traders. Kundkund TC Pvt. Ltd. helps to give proper and details study of technical indicators for the candidates who joined the training program.


Fundamental and Technical Analysis: Stock Market Training

Being an experienced player in the industry, Kundkund TC Pvt. Ltd. understands the importance of the fundamentals of the stock.

Fundamental analysis is much more different from technical analysis. Where fundamental analysis centres on measuring a stock’s intrinsic value, the technical analysis focuses solely on the trading and pricing history of a stock by looking at various trading signals and other analytical tools to estimate the strength or weakness of any stock.

Accordingly, there is so much one can learn about fundamentals. People ready to be investors if understand each and every terminology, tool, and technique of fundamental analysis will not only enjoy greater confidence but also probably become better stock pickers. At the very least, investors get a better idea of stock and stock related queries based on their “strong fundamentals.”


To get started, here is a handy glossary that just calls out the basics of the Stock Market industry.

  • Share market:  Anyplace you buy or sell shares. If the stock is exchanged in India, then it automatically becomes a part of the Indian share market.
  • Stock exchange: This is a special facility where stocks are listed for trade. All stock exchanges in India are now digital, so you can access them online easily.
  • Over-the-counter: Any security trade that isn’t listed in a stock exchange, then it becomes an over-the-counter trade.
  • Stock: Stock is a global term used to refer to a certificate designating ownership in a company.
  • Bull: A bull market is a market situation where investors expect prices to rise.
  • Bear:  This is a market situation where investors expect prices to fall.
  • Limit Order: In a limit order, orders execute at the price placed for buy or sell.
  • Market Order: A market order executes as quickly as possible at the market price.
  • Day Order: It is a direction to a broker to perform a trade at a particular price that expires at the end of the trading day.
  • Averaging Down: This is when an investor purchases the stock when it goes down so as to increase the price.
  • Capitalization: This is what the market believes a company’s value is.
  • Float: It is the number of shares one can actually trade after subtracting the shares held by insiders.
  • IPO: It is an Initial Public Offering that occurs when the private company converts into a publicly-traded company.


Stock Market Trading Tools

Various tools are used by investors globally. However, the importance of the right tool is beneficial. These include charting tools that generate signals and patterns to purchase or sell in the market. Broadly speaking, there are two essential tools:

  • Scanning tools: With this, you can easily research stock markets and their ups and downs.
  • Customisable Charts: Such charts support and help the investor forecast stock patterns based on current and past data.
  • Reports: There are various research papers and reports available that are developed by third parties on general and the stock markets such as ndtv business.
  • Monitor Data: The continuous availability of data such as a company’s worth, stock prices, quarterly reports, etc., allows traders and investors to make well-informed decisions.

So, you must choose the indicators that work best for them and familiarize yourself with how they work. Here at KTC Pvt. Ltd. we make sure our training provides the students with practical knowledge of all the tools mentioned.


Types of Stock Market Trading

  • Intraday/Day Trading

Here the trader buys or sells the stock on the very same day. The day traders maintain profits/losses immediately even before the close of the stock market. Not to mention, the stocks can be kept for few hours or few seconds or ‘n’ number of times in a day depending on the investor. This is highly unpredictable and demands fast decision-making skills.

This dynamic style of trading is meant for only active traders who can deliver quick actions.  However, Intraday trading is not advisable for beginners due to the high amount of risk associated.

  • Swing Trading

Swing traders prefer holding stocks for more than one day to gain additional momentum in the value of stocks. They must predict short term changes overnight. Besides, the main difference between day traders and swing traders is the time frame of owning the stock.

  • Positional Trading

With positional trading, the stock hold time period is actually longer and can stretch over few months to years. Positional traders expect big price movements over a longer-term in expectation of a larger profit. To some extent, their trading decisions are based on both technical and fundamental analysis. So, any minor short term variations are just ignored.

  • Technical Trading

Many trading activities revolve around the technical market analysis. Therefore, most traders employ their technical skills to define price variations. The stock prices depend upon demand and supply forces. So, here the view of the market is most essential in determining stock values.

Advantages of the best Stock Market course in India

The Stock Market Training available at Kundkund TC Pvt. Ltd. systematically incorporates all the essential features of Technical analysis, Patterns and trend analysis that are remarkably valuable for trading in the Stock Market. Most importantly our experts have curated a course that allows the students to understand money management techniques and risk mitigation techniques.

Our trained students have earned profits in the Stock Market. Not to mention, our trained pupils are capable to do more investments in growth stocks at the right time whilst understanding trends. We are delighted, that our training has helped them earn a regular parallel income.

There is no such limitation to its advantages and we cannot chalk down everything.

At Kundkund TC Pvt. Ltd., we hope you gain larger profits through the stock market training and become a thriving trader in the stock market world.

Learn and earn huge profits with much lower investments. Grow benefit in a very challenging environment of the stock market with India’s best Stock Market Training course.


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