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Individuals do investments as they look for future aspects in their life and they often look for credible things to invest their hard-earned money in. So, they end up investing in mutual funds, stocks, derivatives, etc. Over the past few years, people are trying to involve themselves in the non-conventional types of investment options as well, and one of them is the top Alternative Investment Funds in India.
Under Regulation 2(1), SEBI Regulation, 2012, these funds are not covered under any jurisdiction in India and they’re named Alternative Investment Funds as the funding of AIFs is associated with the private pooled investment funds from India or outside of it via trusts, companies or an LLP. Let’s discuss the Top Alternative Investments in India in 2022 in the column below.

Initially, we’ll unveil the funds that come under AIFs. Below are the 9 alternative investment funds types which are divided into 3 categories-

Category 1

This category is focused on the funds which look forward to investing in start-ups, SMEs and new businesses that sound viable both economically and socially. The entrepreneurs who cater to get funds for Startups can go for this option. Category 1 is majorly pushed by the Government of India as it promotes economic growth and generates much more employment opportunities in the country.

Mostly, the category 1 funds are close-ended with a minimum tenure of 3 years which is generally disclosed at the time of applying for it. The types of category 1 AIFs are-

• Venture Capital Funds (VCF)
• Infrastructure Equity Fund
• Angel Funds
• Social Venture Funds

Category 2

The AIFs of category 2 include funds that invest in different equity & debt securities. Though, there is no rebate or benefit to investing in these Alternative investment funds by the Government of India. The funds in category 2 are also close-ended with a minimum of 3 years of tenure which can be known at the time of application. They are as follows-

• Private Equity Funds
• Debt Funds
• Funds of Fund

Category 3

These funds can be both open-ended and closed-ended depending on their nature. Following are the category 3 in AIFs-

• Private Investment in Public Equity Funds Or PIPE Funds
• Hedge Funds

Top Alternative Investment Funds in India in 2022

Below is the list of the top Alternative Investment Funds in India that can assist in leveraging your corpus with huge returns on investment. They are-

Abakkus Asset Manager

Abakkus Asset Manager is an alpha-focused asset manager that is one of the top Alternative Investment Funds in India. The company was founded by Mr Sunil Singhania in the year 2018.

The company’s 1-month return is up to 8.10%, 3 months returns 27.50%, for a year 31.90% and since its incorporation, the company have generated around 25.20% of the returns on the overall fund strategy which is mentioned above in the list, with the open-ended approach. It triggers fundamentally undervalued stocks with decent growth expectations.

Roha Asset Manager

Since its commencement in 2018, Roha Asset manager has earned the license of AIF and Portfolio Management Services (PMS) in equity investing based on a fundamental approach offering in the 3rd category. The company’s business has always been a quality approach and the Indian equities objectives of appreciation of wealth over the long-term so that investors sit back and enjoy life to the fullest.

The best returns a company so far has gained is 6 months returns of up to 88.26% which is the best 6 months returns delivered over any other Alternative Investment Funds in India.

Girik Advisors

The year 2009 has been designated as Girik Advisors’ founding year. Mr Charandeep Singh and Mr Varun Daga are the authorized fund managers for this AIF. Both managers have an impressive track record of more than 20 years. In keeping with the fund’s theme, this fund employs a disciplined methodology motivated by the cutting-edge “CANSLIM” investment strategy.

The goal is to identify “Early Leaders or Winners” before they reach the peak of their profits growth curve. The internal team adopts a research-first strategy, followed by meticulous due diligence.

Vishuddha Capital

Aditya Sood founded this AMC in November 2018 holding 15 years of documented expertise in fund management, stock research, and equity sales. In addition to the fundamentals, he has a history of managing market equities in London. With a focus on 25 equities, it seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation by making investments in growing businesses of all market capitalizations. The industries that are being targeted here are manufacturing, financial, consumer, healthcare, and ancillary to the auto industry.

Ampersand Capital

This company showcases the teamwork of seasoned and well-regarded equity research experts. TopTop Alternative Investment Funds in India through equities, came together to benefit their investors as a whole and increase their wealth.

With 45+ years of experience, the alternative investment fund’s evolving concept is to build a portfolio of 20–25 stocks that are not constrained by market cap. The business recognizes industries that are in multi-year upswings and are influenced by macro themes like improving standards of living, employment, and consumption.

Accuracap Tech

The Artificial intelligence Driven Algorithm-based Large Cap Portfolio is widely known as Accuracap Tech. It was first established in 2011, on September 19. Dr Naresh Chand Gupta and Raman Nagpal are the fund managers for the AIF firm.

The foundation of the Vectra Fund’s theme is the long-only equities approach. Out of the current market conditions, a superior alternative to typical large-size equity funds and a distinct asset class for Indian investors are established, resulting in greater returns. This alternative Investment Fund firm was able to reap a 1-year return of 9.10%.

Conclusion – Top Alternative Investment Funds in India

The parameters of investment are often defined by the investor and if they have a clear vision then they have their investments sorted, may it be equity, mutual funds or AIFs.

These non-conventional alternative investment funds per se helped a lot of investors in diversifying their portfolios and also with market volatility & market downturn, the AIFs do not tumble like the conventional stock market scrips. You can read more about different types of stocks, the stock market and other things on our website. Happy Learning!

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