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First and foremost, it is essential to learn about what a stockbroker is and his responsibility. Trading here implies the buying and selling of the stocks in the share market. So starting a stock broker is the regulative representative of the financial market who has the permission to enable or execute any trade on behalf of any financial institution, financial client, and the firm. They are also the registered entity or the broker. The stock broker carries forward all the trading or sale or purchase of the stock on the national exchange. Here is Everything you need to know about Best Stock Broker in India

Talking about the stock brokers, they handle the transactions for both the institutional and the retail customers. The initial job of the stock broker is to obtain the buy and sell orders quickly and execute the trade.

The transaction is held for both the retail and the institutional customers.  The primary job or the primary task of the stockbroker is to execute the buy and sell order. Also, another thing to be noted is the stock broker can be an individual or someone with a brokerage firm. At the time, the brokerage firms and the stock dealer are called the stockbrokers.

Insight on the different types of Stock Brokers

As usual, different types of stock brokers are divided about the services they provide to their customers. The choice made by the broker is according to the needs of the customers and what they look for. For example, those into sell stock traders need to look for brokers who help them meet their trading, quick transactions. Traders who are regular ones should look for brokers who can help them achieve the trading facilities and help them fulfill their trading needs.

Here are the complete details on the three major types of Stock brokers in India

1. Full Service Broker

A full-time service broker is the service provider for stocks in the various financial fields. Usually, the clients are provided with individually licensed brokers for their clients. The full-service broker helps in executing the trades and looks for advisory services for their clients. These brokerage firms usually provide the clients with the research departments providing analyst recommendations and Access to initial public offerings (IPOs).

The other services they deal in are financial planning, personal home loan, business loan banking services, and asset management.  So the clients can either contact the broker assigned to them or go for the online platforms or the mobile application provided by the firm. However, the stockbroking firm such as the full-service broker charges a considerable amount compared to other brokers. Especially the ones who offer the trading functions and the online Access to their clients charge more. The platform has a wide range of products for long-term investors compared to short-term investors and so on.  Get to know about the difference between the full service brokers and discount broker in India

2. Discount Stock broker

Another well-known stock broker is the discount broker. They mainly have lesser services to provide to the customer, such as mutual funds, banking products, and other services. The benefits are pretty less or more similar to the full-time service broker, but the brokerage or the commission charged is less and relatively more affordable.

The swing traders or the day traders who are active participants in the share market may find the top discount broker in India is more beneficial than the full-time service broker. There are research tools and other digital helps that you are going to see in the discount. Hence, swing traders and day traders who are more active may find discount stock brokers appealing.

3. Online Stock broker

The online stock broker is also called a direct access broker. They are the ones who provide their service to the active day trader taking the smallest of the commission, which is usually on a per stock price basis. On the other hand, the online stock broker helps offer Direct Access to the [platformw which has the best charting and routing and Access for multiple exchanges, market makers, and electronic communication networks (ECN).

Also, the online stock brokers have advantages over the Access and the speed, which helps the, allowing the execution of the orders at just one click. The platform also helps in enabling complex orders and stock execution.  Also, the one who chooses the online stock brokers comes with Access to heavy-duty media, but they do have some monthly fees that have been charged for the software and exchange. Moreover, the costs for the software can have some discount, and in some better cases, it can be waived. This entirely depends on the number of shares traded monthly via the clients. 

Everything you need to know about Stock Broker (Education, qualification, & Exams) 


So one who holds an undergraduate degree in finance or business administration. Additionally, an understanding of accounting methods, financial forecasting and planning, and related laws and regulations is preferred.


A Stockbroker can start off work in any of the brokerage firms at any allocated role. This is to gain the experience for the job. Even a college intern or anyone can go for the same position.

The stockbroker needs a comprehensive knowledge of the accounting standards and regulations of the financial market.


Some essential examinations need to be passed, such as the one controlled or regulated by the General Securities Representative Exam, held by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

The person is also required to be funded through the form provided by FINRA or any other self-regulatory organization (SRO).

●    Registered Representative (RR)

An individual who acts as a financial expert who works with the client as well as the person trading the stock to invest.

●    Deep Discount Broker

Someone who has the authority to oversee the purchase and sale of securities on behalf of the client at a lower commission fee than the one typically charged by discount brokers that trade on exchanges.

●    Broker

A broker is a person or the firm that will charge fees or the commission for the execution of the trade which is the buying and selling on the exchange by an investor.

●    Member

The member (broker or a firm) holds membership in the organized stock and commodities exchange.

●    Brokerage Account

An account allows the investor to deposit the funds and quickly place the investment order with any licensed firm.

●    Full-Service Broker

As explained above, a full-time service broker is a firm that provides various services to its clients, including research and advice, and gives out the platform to trade.

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