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Paradeep Phosphate ipo holding discrepancy

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Paradeep Phosphate IPO holding Discrepancy solution

Many of the traders and investors might have seen an error in their zerodha kite app that “There may be a discrepancy with this stock ,Fix on console”. Here is the solution of the ipo holding discrepancy.

According to Zerodha “The IPO shares of Paradeep Phosphates Limited have been listed and trading on the exchanges from today, May 27, 2022. The buy average for the holding will be displayed as NA on Kite and will be updated automatically in a couple of days time. Until then you can refer the allotment price of Rs. 42/- per share on Console. You can sell the shares normally if you wish to and will not have any effect on your trades or your P&L.”

this means that the paradeep phosphate ipo holding discrepancy is a normal error and you dont have to worry about it, the stock broker zerodha is trying their best to resolve it as soon as possible. The traders and investor can normally sell or buy the share just like the normal trade as it will not effect the trades or profit or loss in your holding with this paradeep phosphate ipo holding discrepancy

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