algorithmic trading in india

top 2 algorithmic trading in india

The talk around algorithmic trading isn’t new. While it became yesterday’s talk in India much later than the US et al. , Indians are still interested by what algorithmic trading really is, and whether it’s doable for them, While some search for algorithmic trading for the proper reasons, they’re often intimidated by the plethora of complexity and technicalities that surround algorithmic trading. But not anymore. during this article, we’ll not only […]
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sip and swp plans

Easy explanation of Equity SIP & Equity SWP Plans

Equity SIP/SWP Plan allows you to shop for or sell available at a daily interval during a set quantity or amount. it’s almost like open-end fund SIP but rather than investing in MF, e-SIP invests during a stock selected by the investor. Equity SIP (e-SIP) is brief for Equity Systematic Investment Plan. it’s a disciplined investing approach that permits the investor to shop for the shares of a specific company at a daily interval in an automatic way. Equity SWP (e-SWP) is brief for Equity Systematic Withdrawal […]
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mutual fund meaning

Explanation of Direct Mutual Funds

Direct mutual funds in India are fast gaining popularity due to the upper yield and simple buying. along side the fund house websites, they’re made available by most online brokers like Zerodha, Upstox, 5paisa, ProStocks, Groww, etc. Let’s understand the meaning of direct mutual funds and why direct funds better than regular mutual funds. Direct open-end fund Meaning Direct mutual funds are funds that are offered […]
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